Retirement Tips: Make a Used Car Shine with London Mobile Car Valeting

If you’re contemplating on retiring a few years from now, in addition to a house renovation or a vacation abroad as self-reward, you may also have a brand new car in mind. Unfortunately, if your nest egg isn’t that large, taking a huge chunk off your savings to pay for a new car may not be a smart financial move. This doesn’t mean though that you should stick with your old clunker; you can always opt for a used one, which can look just as good as new with the help of mobile car valeting in London.

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Why go for a used car?

Of course, used cars are relatively cheaper. You’ll pay lower insurance fees and should you sell it again, you wouldn’t have to worry about significant equity loss. Car models released in the past decade are just as reliable as their latest counterparts and are also equipped with senior-friendly features. If you choose right, you can have one that can go a thousand more miles without needing major repairs.

Shiny and Clean as New

The fact that your new car is previously owned doesn’t have to be obvious. Car valeting companies like All Seasons Valeters can help restore its lustre and make it a steal. Professional valeters provide a comprehensive restoring service package that will greatly enhance a used car’s condition both in and out. Among their services are washing, window cleaning, tyre dressing, and polishing. You can even have your ride repainted to your desired colour, too.  Furthermore, they’ll also ensure that every nook and cranny of your new car’s interior is free of dust, odour, and clutter of all sorts.

Car Valeting Right at Your Place

Certain car companies like All Seasons Valeters even offer mobile car valeting to Surrey residents and those of neighbouring areas. This means you’ll be relieved of the hassle that comes with having to drive your car, van or lorry to the service area and spending hours waiting in line for your turn and while your car is being detailed. The cleaning service can be done in your home, office, or just about anywhere you need it. Since you don’t have to drive, you also get to save on fuel and effort. When choosing a car valeting company, however, make sure that their car detailing service is fully covered in case anything goes wrong. Find a car care company that’s 100% insured.

Frugality and practicality are keys to a more financially secure retirement life. Used cars are a practical choice and they offer almost the same level of quality as brand new vehicles if you find the right dealer—and a competent valeting service provider.


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Surrey Car Detailing: You Need It to Keep Your Classic Car at its Best

Most people see cars as mere modes of transportation. Typically when a car gets old, the owner finds a way to replace it with something new. Perhaps, he sells it and then applies for a loan to finance his brand-new car. This is true for most modern day cars but not for most classic models created by artists during a time when the form was valued over function. Classic cars have this nostalgic effect on those afflicted with “the sickness”, such that these people even get upset by the sight of a wasted classic car.


People keep classic cars for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s because of the car’s sentimental value (perhaps, it was inherited from a beloved predecessor). Older owners of classics must find a bliss in driving them over the contemporary models today. Even younger generations tend to fall for classic cars too, such as those who are self-proclaimed “old souls”. Some people continue to drive classic cars daily despite the fact they’re very demanding when it comes to maintenance. Others drive the cars only during special occasions like weddings and formal events. Most, however, have classic cars as their precious collection, keeping them in well-maintained spaces, where they seek solitude and peace.

For whatever purpose it is used, classic cars are still old models. Since, they’re valued mainly for their form, classic cars owned by Britons should be subjected to regular car detailing in Surrey.  Detailing products on the market today are mostly designed for contemporary cars. Only a valeting expert is capable of determining the best type of product to use and the right application to keep the car’s gorgeous look. If you are an owner or a collector of classic cars, it would be best to have it detailed by trusted companies in Surrey such as All Seasons Valeters.

Detailing your classic car on your own is not advisable since it requires special care. Note that the older the car, the more fragile the trim pieces can become. Extra precaution must be taken because you never know if a certain piece is well-attached. Aggressive rubbing or improper polishing can scratch the surfaces or remove the paint.

Improper glass cleaning becomes a safety issue when the windows become hazy. Wax may get stuck in the seams, crack, or emblems. Soaking the carpet with water may cause stinky mud to settle deep into the carpet fibre.  These are just some of the mistakes that could leave your treasure in a less than ideal condition so it would be wise to entrust the task to a London car detailing company.

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