Why is Opting for Mobile Car Valeting Services More Eco-Friendly?

You might be thinking that cleaning your car and bringing back its former lustre can easily be done at home, but have you stopped and thought about how you much water you might be wasting simply by washing your car? Doing so at home could take as much as 150 gallons of water, an amount that could have otherwise been used for other purposes.


Car Detailing and Visits to the Mechanic: Preparing Your Car for Sale

You may love your car now, but one day, you might want to sell it. Whether it’s to buy a new model or just to get some cash, selling your car can give your finances a good shot in the arm. Since your car’s used, however, you may have some trouble getting the best price for it. Admittedly, if you’re selling it straight out of your garage in London or Surrey, you may end up with lower than the market price, mainly because the buyer can haggle. To get the best price, it’s recommended to visit a car valeting service for car detailing. (more…)