Car Valeting in Croydon: The 3 Best Occasions to Have Your Car Valeted

Your car helps you make that all-important positive first impression on people. As such, some occasions, more than others, call for some much-needed car valeting. Apart from ensuring your vehicle is in peak running condition, you’ll find that car valeting can make that first impression even better. That’s why it’s important to have your vehicle valeted on a regular schedule to keep it as pristine as ever, especially if you’re expecting to use it in an important event anytime soon. Here are a few occasions wherein car valeting is sure to make a huge difference:


Car Detailing 101: The 3 Types of Electric Buffers Used by Detailers

In the car detailing process, one of the most important stages to ensure your car looks nice and shiny is buffing, a polishing method that involves the use of abrasives to smoothen your car’s surfaces. With the proper tools, buffing can help remove scratches and minor scrapes in the paintwork. Herein lies the importance of using the best electric car buffer for the job.