What Kind of Cleaning Can You Get from Mobile Car Valeting Services?

If you plan to have your car serviced by mobile car valeting companies, it would help to first understand what kind of results you can expect from the pros like All Seasons Valeters.

Having the car washed is quite different to having the car cleaned. While the two words are very similar in meaning, when it comes to car valeting there is a difference! Washing usually refers to just the outside of the car and is a fairly light job. Soap, water, and a cloth are used to wash off the body of the car.


Sprucing Up Your Ride: The Benefits of Professional Car Detailing

Car detailing services in Surrey, London, and other nearby areas offer the car owner a number of benefits. Of course, you should first note that detailing is the best way to preserve the vehicle’s interior and exterior. From a purely aesthetic point of view, owners can dramatically increase their car’s overall visual appeal; enhancing its resale value and ensuring that any finish work will not fade over time. Still, there are a few other considerations to address.